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~ by borostat on 17, December, 2006.

21 Responses to “Boro Blog”

  1. Great site Colin. Im a keen Boro anorak and this site is a godsend. I supply some of the stats for the Boro programme, if you ever need any help with anything please get in touch. Cheers Shaun

  2. thank you colin. much appreciated 🙂 loving the site keep up the good work 🙂

  3. hello colin… just wondering if you would be able to help me with something??? would you happen to know the name of the shirt manufacturers when it was just an I on the shirt in the 1990/1991 season

  4. Shirts have been made by Errea since 1994 season but the season you are talking about was sponsored by Evening Gazette, the shirts did have an ‘I’ on them – the shirt makers were Skill.

  5. Hi Colin – great website – much appreciated.
    Just two problems –
    The goalscorers are missing from the 2-3 Home defeat by Port Vale on April 11 1990
    The 1990-91 results is inaccessible as when I clck on the 1990-91 season in the results drop down menu the screen just returns to the home page.
    Keep up the great work

  6. Hi mate, great site!

    I was wondering if you could place a link to on your link page? I have put a link to BoroStat on the oneBoro links page.

    Thanks, Rob 🙂

  7. Rob,

    Thanks your post – we will add a link-back over the next 24 hours.

    All the best.

  8. Thanks Colin for your comments.

    Have looked into the goalscorers not appearing on site for Boro vs Port Vale in 1990 and have added “Slaven & Davenport” many thanks for pointing this out.

    Have also looked into the link error for season 1990-91 in the drop menu. This was an error in transer to recent new hosting company – this link has been corrected and all should now work fine. Again thanks for your help on this.


  9. Can you tell me the goalscorers and goal times (both teams) from the Carlisle United -v- Middlesbrough game played 20th April 1984. The score was 1-1. Thanks.

  10. Chris – The goalscorer was Mowbray in the 69th minute but sorry I cant find out the goalscorer from Carlisle. If I do manage to trace this info I will post it to this blog. Regards.

  11. I was asked a question tonight and can only come up with 7 out of what ive been told is 10 answers.

    Who are the 10 black middlesbrough players that have played for england can you expand on my answers

    1. Viv Anderson
    2. Paul Ince
    3. Michael Ricketts
    4. Michael Thomas
    5. Ugo Ehiogu
    6. Dean Gordon
    7. Brian Deane
    8. ?
    9. ?
    10. ?

  12. Paul – Do you mean full England caps for the first team? For example Jason Euell played for the U21 team but did not make the full team. What about the B team, where is your cut off point?

  13. Just wanted to let you know we will soon be adding Boro to our trivia site as a core subject. Check it out and let me know what you think! Would you be interested in hosting a banner as an affiliate in exchange for around 30p per mini registration we get from the link? the site is

  14. hello, i would just like to point out a mistake on the 8-1 against man city. arca did not score it was downing who scored 2 😀 cheers

  15. Oliver – I am happy to put up a link to your website but boro-stat does not accept any funding from any third pary. This is a policy of the website and makes us completely independent. The website is being completely redisigned for the new season so we are very busy at the moment but I will try and get your link active over the next couple of days. Regards for now.

  16. Michael – Thanks for your comment and I dont know how I got that one wrong but much appreciate your letting me know! I was there at the game and so a further mystery as to why I put Arca down as a scorer! I have corrected the results section of the website, interestingly it was only on the results page I put Arca down – all other other pages/stats/graphs give the goal to Downing, so perhaps a momentry lapse as the 8 goals were just sinking in! Thanks again.

  17. 😀 no worries colin, was amazin match wasnt it 🙂 i was there also 🙂 and yehh must of been a lapse of concentration. 😀 best match in a long while 😀

  18. hello again. would also like to point out that on the 71/72 season, on april 22nd Birmingham city – the goalscorer is missing, surely this should say john hickton ??

  19. Michael, Once again thanks for the tip ref the goalscorer missing, the correct info has now been added. It was Hickton (on 30 min).

  20. Bust link report

    Hi! Nice site lads. Was hoping to check where Boro finished in 1952 with Cloughie playing. It’s a broken link though and turns up 4 possible alternative pages, none of which are 1952.
    Cheers (and we’ll beat YOU next season 8-1)

  21. Matty – Thanks for your information and error page report. We are currently giving Boro-Stat a complete face lift and these pages are down for correction during that process. Hope to see you around here again! All the best – Colin.

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